Njugush's Reaction After Learning His Wife Took Two Men Home Before Him

Not the first?

By  | Oct 05, 2020, 02:43 PM  | Njugush   | Drama

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Comedian Njugush was recently shocked to learn that he is actually not the first man to step in his wife’s home looking for her hand in marriage. 
On Youtube, the witty comedian had a light chat with his wife Celestine Ndinda on who many guys they have dated. His wife surprised him by confessing that she had actually tried two other men but things didn’t work out
‘I took two guys home before you.’ Said the wife. 
A surprised Njugush asked: 
“What? And why does she treat me like I am the best guy you have taken home? Were they given water after eating? Maybe your mum has seen so many ‘bad ones’ and she was so happy to see me. If you are my wife’s ex how does it feel now?”

The wife then explained to by Njugush, who she has a child with and has been married to for almost five years now, why he’s special. 
“Sometimes we learn from our past ‘mistakes. As women we sometimes tend to show our mums our boyfriends. Be happy that you ended up with me.” she told Njugush.

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