How Njugush Escaped Death Last Night

Alikuwa ametuacha.

By  | Oct 07, 2022, 12:42 PM  | Njugush   | Drama

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Njugush has narrated a harrowing tale of a carjacking and violent robbery he experienced last night as he drove across the Nairobi city centre.

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The comedian was held at knife point and had his Mpesa account emptied by thugs who staged an elaborate scheme to distract him using a woman pretending to need help.

Thankfully for Njugush, his family and his fans, he escaped the ordeal with his life and without any injuries. He even somehow managed to rescue his phone from the thugs like a ninja before speeding away.

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He shared the story on his Instagram in a series of long posts. The details of which were shocking, yet uniquely funny as only Njugush can manage in such a frightening situation.

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How Njugush became rich
Content creator and comedian Njugush has been open about his savings, which will assure his retirement at the age of 45. Njugush highlighted how his father's investment methods inspired him and helped him go this far in a conversation with his wife Celestine Ndinda on Cele's Reflection show, Njugush admitted that his investment mirrored his dad's.

Njugush revealed that his father, a preacher, had invested so much in land that he had never lived in a leased house as a child; he stated that he found it difficult when he moved out, and paying rent was new to him and that motivated him to buy land and built his home.

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"It would hurt me to pay 13,500 in rent, so I decided to start construction as soon as possible. The benefit of investing in land is that it grows in value." Said Baba Tugi.

He claimed that he would debate with his wife about investments; Wakavinye couldn't understand the urge to invest; she argued that they were young, and she wanted to spend money on holidays and other necessities while he insisted on land; looking back, Celestine admitted that it was the greatest decision.

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Njugush went on to remark that comedy does not have a long life and that he needs to save and invest more to retire at 45. "The things we perform (comedy) are not permanent, unlike law or medicine. The longer you stay, the less relevant you become to comedians."

 The comedian and his wife have accomplished a lot for their age; their narrative story is one of transformation from grass to elegance. They have just had their second child.

The Njugush and Wakavinye story is a testimony of love, hard work, and perseverance. The couple has risen from rags to riches as they narrated in a previous interview. The two met in college at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication where they were both pursuing a course in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Celestine or Wakavinye as she is popularly known explained that what attracted her to Njugush was his sense of humor since she could not get bored whenever he was around.
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