Mwalimu Rachel Hits Back At Sailors Group

She is no longer managing artists

By  | Jan 17, 2022, 11:16 AM  | Drama

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Weeks after Sailors group member, Miracle baby, addressed the group’s issues with their former manager, Mwalimu Rachel she has come out to announce that she will reveal what really happened between them soon.  

Rachel announced this on her Instagram stories where she was interacting with fans during a Q&A session. She introduced the session with a statement whereby she noted that she was made aware that people did not know her well and thus believe every rumor about her that is floated around by folks who wish her bad.

One of her fans akes her to clarify whether she used to manage the gengetone group, Sailors, the NRG radio host noted that she is no longer managing artists as she learned the hard way not to get involved in the business.

What Rachel is referring to is the fact that she had a bad falling out with the group members some years back. The feud, however, was rehashed when Miracle Baby took to his Instagram to address some questions going around on the internet about why the group is no longer performing together.

He further noted that he is currently doing the things that put food on the table and people should stop asking questions about them. Miracle Baby was referring to an old issue between them and their then manager, Mwalimu Rachel.

One issue that was floated around about Rachel and Sailors Group was that she once allegedly assaulted a group member by groping their private parts. One fan asked whether this was true.

Rachel denied the accusation and noted that she would never defend herself on social media. She further noted that one day she will tell her story. We are sure fans can’t wait to hear what really happened, as the issues that transpired destroyed an upcoming group with great potential.

Even though she reiterated the fact that she would never defend herself on social media, she went on to note that she was proud of what she and her team did for the Sailors group in terms of managing their careers. 
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