I Don't Want To Bury Another Comedian- Churchill

Not again

By  | Oct 26, 2020, 11:11 AM  | Mwalimu Churchill  | Drama

Comedian Churchill Ndambuki has said that he doesn't like how comedians have been losing their lives because of things that could have been avoided.

Speaking during the late comedian Othuol Othuol's burial on Saturday, Churchill explained that comedians are becoming depressed because they can't manage their brands.

"Becoming a brand calls for discipline and consistency, just like the way you can be in Alliance but that does not mean you will get an A," he said.

"My word to comedians and all creatives is to stop calling your fans family," he said.

"Stop waking up and telling them what you are eating, what you are dressing on, and know that you have a life and your family is your mum, your sibling and relatives. Stop frustrating them. The moment you stop being funny, the social media fans stop following you and being your family."

The veteran comedian also urged others to focus on building their brands and not just fame.

"I should have quit," he said. 

"Just hold on and focus and make your family happy. May God bless all the comedians and I give you my blessing. Go out there and most importantly, make God happy by inspiring more talents, just like you have been given a chance."

"You have to feed this animal called social media every day. You have a whole family and the expectation becomes so much," he said.

"At times, it takes a nation to build a comedian. The appreciations heal the soul and if they give you the laugh, give them the love."

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