Kwani hajui jokes-Mungai Eve Finally Have Man Arrested For Defamation

The accused is in police custody

By  | Oct 07, 2022, 12:49 PM  | Drama

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Content creator Mungai Eve together with her legal team has today announced that they have taken legal action against the man who came out claiming to be her ex.

In an interview with BTG Mungai Eve revealed that she had reported the matter to the Kileleshwa police station and the suspect was under police custody. 

Mungai Eve reported that the man defamed her name, which has harmed her brand, and that her partners and commercial brands have already been calling her for clarification, complaining that the accusations have damaged her reputation.

His lawyer stated that "the accused Mwendo Mailo is facing charges of personification of a police officer, threatening my client, and also a publication of unprintable words, a video that he claims that he had a relationship with my client, which he claimed he gave my client a tablet in which she recorded the first thirty videos, my client has never met him."

The lawyer went on to say that the DCI was handling the investigation and that the plea would be heard next week. Mungai Eve has cautioned fans and netizens from ruining the brand in the name of clout chasing.

"Content creators we have worked so hard to reach here, it is sad that people are asking me to let it slide that it is showbiz, defamatory cases are offensive and ruin the reputation." She said.

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The man apologized, but they claim it was a joke and that the impact was insufficient to compensate for the harm he inflicted. The accused had recorded a video claiming to have dated Mungai Eve, and he went on to state that he bought her a phone that allowed her to cover her first thirty videos, and that after stardom, Mungai Eve forgot about him. He desired restitution.

Mungai was mocked all over the internet for his video, with many claiming that women are ungrateful. According to Mungai Eve, this will harm her business.

Mungai Eve To Sue Content Creator For Tarnishing Her Name
A few hours after a content creator by the name of CP Karao came out to claim that Mungai Eve used and dumped him, the story got out of hand as it was shared publicly by numerous blogs including the tea master Edgar Obare.

On seeing the situation getting out of hand the content creator has come out to deny every claim he made saying all that was a lie and he was just trying to get attention.

The damage having been done Mungai Eve has acknowledged receiving an apology from the Tiktoker but has indicated that she is not going to leave it lying low as her name has already been dragged through the mad.

She has revealed that she will have her lawyers take the necessary action against the content creator as has been reported by Tuko.

The soldier had given an account of how they used to date back when Mungai Eve was starting in the content creation business.

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