Photos: Meet The Curvy TV Presenter Who Was Denied Top TV Job Coz She's 'Fat'


By  | Sep 20, 2020, 04:28 PM  | Drama

KBC TV presenter Regina Ray Manyara recently revealed that getting a TV job in top media can be tormenting.

The popular Morning news presenter shared her ugly journey on TV saying that she has been told all kinds of things while looking for a spot. She confessed on social media saying that she was even called fat during an interview.

"Some lady called me fat….yes anyway other than it making me question like who asked for your opinion?", She said.

"I went back to years, while I was starting my career where for one to anchor/become a tv presenter required one to be slim fit!( perception silent clauses).

"I was left out of the qualifying list often on account of body size…but here I am today-doubling as a reporter and newscaster. Long story short…if you are concerned about my weight or anyone’s ( seek them out personally only if you have a remedy!) Besides, if my size doesn’t bother me, why should it bother you?"

We collected a few photos of Manyara to celebrate her body and put the shammers to shame.

Presenters such as Milly Chebby, Lynda Nyangweso, Neomi Nganga, Yummy Mummy and Sandra Dacha aka Siprosa among others have all been body-shamed.

Photos: Instagram/Regina Ray Manyara