Marya Prude Reacts, Raburu’s Baby Turns 1 Month

This must be really hard

By  | Aug 01, 2021, 01:28 PM  | Drama

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Willis Raburu and Ivy Namu’s son is officially one month today. How they grow up so fast! Just the other day, it was Ivy Namu’s baby shower. The news became public after one of Edgar Obare’s followers revealed that the two had a thing going on. 

As the baby turned one today, his mom, could not hide her excitement. She took it to social media to celebrate her baby marking one month on earth. Ivy, however, did not share her baby’s face, She put a heart emoji on the baby whose name is still a mystery.
It seems like Willis and Ivy are having the best time of their lives. With an additional member of the family, the two are really happy and they don’t mind letting the world know.

Recently, Ivy on her Instagram shared a photo of Rush Hour 3 the movie and from the caption, she was watching it with BAE. Of course, she is talking about Willis Raburu. These two have never said that they are dating. Probably Willis is handling this relationship differently from how he handled her marriage with Marya Prude. Even as Ivy shared her baby shower pics, none of the photos she shared had Willis on them. Willis only likes her pics but they never post each other. Maybe they are trying to maintain a low profile when it comes to their relationship.

As the baby turns one month, Marya shared the following meme on her social media where it says that a therapist tells her that she can’t control her emotions but she can control how she responds to her emotions. In the meme, it shows a man who is finding it difficult to DEAL with whatever it is…

Below is the meme that Marya Prude shared:

Marya and Prude were previously married but after the loss of their baby, the two called it quits and went separate ways. Before they divorced, officially, the two got tattoos in memory of their daughter, Adana. After news broke that Willis is expecting a baby with Ivy Namu, Marya went ahead and covered her tattoo. She added a rose on top of Adana’s name. Why she did it, no one really knows but her. Different people have different ways of grieving. If covering her tattoo is what made her feel great, then so be it. 

Since Willis, Marya has never hinted that she is seeing anyone. All she does is try to make memories with her friends as we see on social media. 

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