Maria Actress Explains Why Some Of Her Friends Turned To Enemies And Now Hate Her

From Friends to Haters

By  | Oct 08, 2020, 08:47 AM  | Drama

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At only 20 years old, Citizen TV Soap Opera actress Maria Yasim Said is making money most her friends only dream of. 
This has been a blessing but also a curse. 
In an interview with True Love, the young actor said that most of her friends started hated her when she got the deal to appear in the program because she’s getting a lot of money and, well, not sharing with them. 
"Hey Yas, Are okay? I wanted to ask for some cash...I am left surprised, some time back it was not like this," she said. 
Yasim also said that while her friends think she might be having wads of cash lying around, she normally has to come up with a solid reason before her mum, who controls her funds, let her access them. 
"It is not like I have money just lying around. I have to ask my mom if I can withdraw a certain amount for one reason because she is teaching me to be accountable for my finances. So, how do I convince her that my friends want this money," she added. 
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Yasim plans to spend some of the cash to further her talent in film. 
"I was to join university in the beginning of this year for a course in film, but the COVID hit and my parents thought it was wise that I wait. Since I still live at home, there is no need to waste my money. My mother has taken over my account so she handles the finances," she told True Love Magazine. 

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