Manzi Wa Kibera Brags That Her Fake Nyash Earns Her Money

Says she is hotter than Diana B

By  | Mar 23, 2023, 04:37 PM  | Drama

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Kibera socialite Manzi wa Kibera has excited fans after showing off her body and claiming that she is hotter than Diana B.

Speaking to radio Jambo host Massawe Jappani, the socialite has revealed that she does shy away from disclosing that her nyash is fake. Many celebrities love lying that their bodies are real.

Manzi wa Kibera doubles as a nyash and hips enhancement seller. She proudly uses her products and the results are noticeable.

She has also revealed that she did not go to school. According to her, she does not remember joining kindergarten. She said that she dropped out of school in class three. However, she has bought all the certificates required. 

Jokingly, she told Massawe that she has two degrees, one in human resource management and the other in interior decoration.

"Nilifika apo class two class three lakini niko na degree mbili. Hii Nairobi unakaa vile unataka. Ni job tu mmeninyima. Mnitafutie job ya human resource." She said.
Responding to a question about whether she would love to go back to school, Manzi wa Kibera has said that she dislikes school and that she already has what is required for survival. Meaning her Nyash.

"I have my assets, my body is more than everything. Masomo ni bonus. But ukiwa na haga na hips you are on the safe track of life as a girl. Niko na haga mbona nistress na wababa wako."

The socialite has mentioned other socialites the likes of Huddah, and Vera who made it because of their bodies. She looks up at Diana. She has said that Diana's life motivates her.

"Kama Diana ako ivo flat na alipata who is Wambui, alisema kuna wa rent, wa food wa nywele. Wewe unaamka peke yako 5 hii Nairobi." She told Massawe. 
She has also confessed that immediately after her mubaba dies, she will look for a younger man just like Diana. The man appeared in an interview at NTV where he got to reveal the reasons why he opted for Manzi wa Kibera as a partner. He began by revealing that his wife had passed on earlier.

"Anaweza kunisaidia kwa kazi nyingi sana, ananifulia tunguo akitaka kwenda sokoni anashika pesa anaenda , maanake ule wa kwanza alichukuliwa na mungu."
What interested him about the Kibera socialite was her looks but aside from that, he says that Manzi wa Kibera helps him in cleaning up and takes care of him. 

The socialite stated that she will not care about what people think about her and that she only cares about her happiness."I don't care what people will say only my happiness." She said. 

The news might be shocking as the new generation has idealized sponsors and rich men. Manzi wa Kibera's crazy rate card might have scared young suitors.

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