Lilian Muli Turns Heads

The bikini photo everyone is talking about!

By  | Jul 31, 2021, 08:52 PM  | Drama

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Don't you just love it when a celebrity that's been known for trying to keep it o  the low is accidentally found out or lets out something they aren't known for?
The very fact that they're trying to get out of their own comfort zones is not just entertaining to watch (when they upload a revealing photo or video and delete immediately because of imposter syndrome), when you're rooting for them and are a fan it is very empowering too!
Lillian Muli has this time decided that she is going to give us a great snapshot of her Booty through her trips in Kenya and Kenyans are not complaining!
She uploaded a picture of herself on a boat while travelling
and the internet went wild over it!

It is no big news that Lillian is a curvaceous beauty that takes utmost pride in the fact that she's one of the most famous people on TV. However, after the number of embarrassments she has had in her public life, she has now turned into one of the celebrities that prefer to keep their love lives private and everything else about them as well.
This time, she uploaded a picture of her entire body, giving her fans a good look at her voluptuous behind in a bikini only captioning it 
Many people flocked to her comment section and while she used to only receive 8 or 9 thousand likes on her picture, this time she got a whopping 20 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

The people clearly loved what they saw. Many of her celebrity friends commented on how gorgeous she was. Other civilian fans did what they do best -they joked that she was going to come back to Nairobi's cold whether she liked it or Not! Other people complimented her. Another more notorious group came out, wondering what they had done that she would finally post a thirst trap for them!
This is even more fun to watch because Lillian has found herself in the clutches of internet trolls because of her past which was somewhat... rocky. She has found herself in the middle of an all-out Twitter roast session when she was caught complaining to a waiter while in an alcoholic rage when she was still in a bitter divorce battle from her second husband. She decided she was going to cut him off and would live her best life from that point on and that's exactly what she's been doing!
Go Lillian! 
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