Kibe Attacked For Resurfacing An Old Video Of Diana Bahati Crying

Diana was just chilling

By  | Sep 27, 2022, 01:07 PM  | Drama

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The King of Toxic masculinity Andrew Kibe has received backlash after resurfacing an old video of Diana Bahati crying.

Kibe was explaining a video of a small girl crying profusely, she looked traumatised and shaken only to find out at the end of the video that she was acting. He praised the young girl for her talent as an actor.

Kibe compared the little girl to content creator and singer Diana Bahati. To explain the similarities between the small girl and Mama Heaven Kibe resurfaced an old video of Diana exposing how Willy Paul harrassed her.

The incident caused a stir online that saw even Dr. Ofweneke's ex wife comment saying that she had seen Diana that day, the musician noted that, in her opinion, Diana did not seem to be in distress while inside the vehicle and instead seemed to be enjoying herself. She goes on to note that her account is only from that moment, as the two (Diana and Pozee) drove off together and she can’t account for what happened after they left their presence and thus couldn’t comment on that part. 

Kibe on the video appeared to suggest that Diana who she was referring her as shosh, was lying on that video. His comment section have gone frenzy as fans asked her to not drag Diana in his shady content.

Nyachwo Rose:This guy has to use Diana's picture for views can't u let that woman be in peace as in do u know how many girls are in their 20's but look more older than Diana,u evy her cause she is real

bumni: why use her image for views she has never en will never talk about people she creates her own content why do u use her or talk about how for views,is she the oldest in the whole world is the the one that gave birth to him or his mum,why can't he let that lady be in peace ️

Shishi: imagine kibe mwenyewe ni mzee wa wivu, hapendi kuona wezake wakifanikiwa, talking bad about mtu amekuzidi every thing, bahati ata 30 years hana, but vitu akonazo ni za mtu wa miaka 45 50s huko, kibe nothing he has, except mdomo na uzee, ako mbioni kuita watu wazee wakati umri wake umemsuta, yaani mwanaume wivu huyu na mchawi wako sawa, alishindwa na mke wake, upastor ukamshinda, uradio ukamshida, ubunge alianguka cos nani atachangua ghasi kama hii yenye haitaki kuona wengine wakifanikiwa? Yaani mwanaume ana roho ya kishetani huyu, imagine mwanaume kushida akimwongelelea mwanamke all the time ndio apate views, saa zote ako mitandaoni I swear huyu anatombwa mkundu, mwanaume mwenye anajipa shunguli hawezi pata hii time yote ya mitandao, no body can support this guy only stupid like him

David Kamau: Peace is only upon death... since the day she did that sh*t video, our Willy Paul has never recovered... she almost ruined his career, and here you are telling Kibe what to do...just skip the video. It is never that seriou
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