Khaligraph Jones Shows Off His Huge House

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By  | Aug 08, 2021, 12:58 PM  | Khaligraph Jones  | Drama

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This is not just a Kenyan rapper, no my friend, he is not that simple. This is THE Kenyan rapper. Khaligraph Jones is one of the greatest rappers Africa has ever raised and seen straight from the dark hood of Kayole, where most don't set foot in. He has taken hiphop to another level with his vicious flow, mad lyrics delivery and poetic rhythmic writing. This boy is nothing to play with I tell you.

Though Khaligraph Jones did not take the award, he is still recognized internationally as one of the greatest African acts with matters concerning hip hop. From a street rapper to owning his own record label, to performing international shows and firing it up on collaborations no one sees coming, rapper Khaligraph has proved his is not a simple rapper but a musical force to recognize, and we do.

Khali, or as some would like to call him, Papa Jones has also had his share of beef and scandals. For instance, just recently he had a misunderstanding with South African rapper Nasty C over collaboration plans. When the South African rapper visited Kenya some few days ago, he was asked by a reporter if he would consider collaborating with Papa Jones on a track, and the rapper dismissed this saying, and I quote, "our styles don't match". The O.G (as he likes to call himself), didn't take this lightly and now we have a beef on our hands. To be honest, I like it. It kind of brings some kind of excitement. It's been really boring in our hiphop scene going without any beef between rappers for this long. It's not right. Someone should fight somebody. Hiphop is aggressive and these rappers need to deliver. We don't want just music.

Anyway, Khaligraph Jones has seen success through his music and this has evidently changed his life. The rapper is now living huge, driving fast and eating pretty well. Just hours ago, through his Instagram stories, Khaligraph Jones shared video of him walking around the house as he prepared to go out to perform at a concert which he also shares videos of.

The rapper is clearly living large and enjoying every bit of it. And he should, because his success has not come easy. We have seen this rapper struggle and come from almost nothing to be one of the greatest rapper in the continent, hailed by even rapper from abroad. Only thing remaining now is to see him collaborate with an American artiste. Now won't that be something.
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