Karen Nyamu Stirs Drama For Addressing Senate Without Shoes

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By  | Mar 23, 2023, 10:55 AM  | Drama

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Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu found herself in the middle of a drama yet again in the senate after it was observed that she was trying to address the members of the senate barefooted.

This attempt raised concerns from Senator Madzayo who asked the speaker of the Senate Hamason Kingi to call Karen to order. Well, Karen was later allowed to make her submission after the speaker confirmed that she was well-dressed and had her shoes on.

Karen has been a subject of drama in the senate a number of times now. Not too long ago the nominated senator was ordered out of the chambers for being inappropriately dressed in regard to the senate standing orders.

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The nominated senator was forced to leave the senate chambers while normal senate proceedings were going on out of her dressing. The senator was dressed in a sleeveless top and a kitenge skirt which according to the senate standing orders is inappropriate.

There was back and forth between the majority side and the minority side of the senate over the matter before the senate speaker Hamason Kingi ruled on the matter, ordering Karen to leave the chambers.

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“Senators are required not to enter the chamber lounge or dining room without being properly dressed; male MPs must wear collared long-sleeved shirts; a tie, a pair of socks, and shoes. Women, on the other hand, should wear clothes that are decent, formal, and of business-wear nature. Senator Nyamu, I’m afraid, you do not fit the bill and I’m going to ask you to leave the chambers, get properly dressed, and come back to the chambers," the speaker ruled. 
The matter of Karen's dressing was raised by Migori Senator Eddy Oketch, who argued that Karen was in total disregard of the standing orders of the senate. 
“I am really getting concerned with the kind of leadership that the Majority side is showing this house. We are watering down the essence of Parliament,” the senator said. 
This comes even as the nominated senator awaits a hearing with the UDA  disciplinary committee in regard to her conduct a few months ago when she publicly went physical with her co-wife Edday Nderitu as they were fighting for their baby daddy Samidoh in Dubai.

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A petition is said to have been filed with the disciplinary committee to have Karen expelled from the party and have her nomination canceled, due to her misconduct.

A video emerged of an altercation inside the venue of Samidoh's concert as a drunk Karen Nyamu had to be physically dragged away after trying to crash the party. And as a parting shot, her main rival Edday Nderitu seemed to give her a good whack across the face.

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