Kalekye Mumo Bullied Mercilessy On Social Media

Did she deserve it?

By  | Oct 14, 2021, 01:21 PM  | Drama

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Kalekye Mumo is currently trending at number one on Twitter for being mercilessly bullied by an unusual number of men and the more you learn about it, the weirder it gets!

Kalekye Mumo started trending yesterday evening and hasn’t moved from the number one spot because of some statements she did on a show on NTV yesterday. The show, called Your World, had a group of panellists that was discussing ‘What Men Want In A Relationship’ and the show seemed to get on pretty well until Kalekye began speaking on her experiences as a single successful CEO navigating the dating world.

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According to her and the experiences she’d had, Kalekye revealed that many men who attempted to enter her life were intimidated by her level of success and independence. She went on to add that for her, being a successful woman meant that she would not ‘listen’ to her man and so, she elected to be single.

That was when she said the words that would lead to her trending on the next for more than a day!

Kalekye revealed that she was single because men were intimidated by her, and if they want to not do that –then they should probably pull up their socks. But not all of them were willing to, were they?

This was the point where a huge number of men took offence. For them, it seemed like Kalekye was calling Kenyan men ‘Broke’ and ‘Lazy’. And so she began trending.

Many men began fat-shaming her, talking about the only reason she was single as because she was f*t, not because of her own volition. Others attacked her feminist principle, saying that was the real reason she was alone. A lesser few told her not to come back running when her menopause hit.

The truth is, in the 21st century, a woman should be able to speak of her experiences especially when it comes with newfound independence without men shaming her for her looks or her state of mind. 

Women gaining independence is a very new and recent thing out of the many centuries humans have existed on this planet. So dating indeed is not the same.

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She may have constructed her words in a wrong manner, but her experience is still valid.

Many men took offence to her testimony but the women are here for it, many of whom have experienced the same thing.

Did Kalekye deserve it or were the men doing too much?

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