Jowie Irungu's 'Wife' Guilty Of Perjury

She lied to the court

By  | Feb 23, 2021, 11:53 AM  | Jowie  | Drama

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The moment Jackie Maribe told us about Jowie being a liar, we should all have belied her. Jowie and his so called wife have finally been caught in their web of lies.

Eleanor Musangi Ndambo alias Ella has confirmed breakup with Joe Jowie Irungu.

In a confession made to Blogger Edgar Obare, Ms Ella disclosed that their relationship ended amicably last year. In her explanation, the model said that she doesn’t want to be tied to Jowie’s story anymore and that’s why she has decided to make their breakup public.

It is important to note that, these two have broken up before but it turned out to be just a stunt pulled for Jowie to market his new song.

In the confession, Ella stated;

 “We ended our relationship both professionally and personally…we are no longer together. I believe God brought me to his life for purpose and I did my task. Jowie has changed a lot for better and I no longer want to be tied to his life story.
I have my dreams I want to pursue as a mom professional model and various other things in life that come my way” 

She added that she lied about being married legally to Jowie;

"I lied about being married to protect Jowie for legal reasons because as of his court release he was allowed to stay within his location which is his parents’ home in Nakuru. If you can recall the court had refused to give him bail stating he had no permanent place of residence. So when I took him to my house”

Her other shocking admission was that she had lied about Jowie being the father of her child. She narrated;

“I lied too that he is the father to my daughter which he is not, for his own safety, in case he’s seen in public with my child. I truly helped Jowie with a clean heart out of compassion for the broken stare found him in, I wanted to cheer him that there’s more to life over his mistakes as well".

The model went on to defend her ex saying;

 “…Jowie has never corrupted or taken advantage of me whatsoever that am aware of and I freely let him live life like a free man. I believe he is in a better place now and I don’t want my life to keep getting tied to him over my past or people having it look like he owes me anything. We parted ways in December last year".

Given all the information she has provided, it is clear that she committed perjury when she told the courts she was married to Jowie. Will this be an issue for Jowie's case? Only time will tell.

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