Jalang’o In Trouble With The Moral Police!

Atajua hajui!

By  | Jan 13, 2021, 10:58 AM  | Drama

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Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, is in trouble. This time it’s with the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB). Its CEO, Ezekiel Mutua, has issued their lawyers to take action against Jalang’o and his panelists over a particular episode of his show Bonga Na Jalas on Youtube.

The controversial episode..

This particular episode features a twin brother and sister who allegedly fell in love and got married. Their claim to fame started when some time ago, a woman called duhh.itzz.lexy posted on TikTok. She claims she fell in love with her twin brother, Chiweru Lexy Emilia Official. They shared videos showing them kissing and cuddling. They allege that they were disowned by their parents because of their incestuous relationship and had to go live life somewhere else. They later got married and had a daughter. The woman went as far as to claim that they had a connection since they were born. 

After causing a huge outcry on social media, they were invited to Jalang’o’s show. In that episode, he interviews them. 

True or false?!

In this episode, Jalang’o asks the duo whether they’re actually related to each other or not. Thankfully, the two say they aren’t! He then asks them why they portrayed it that way. They went on to talk for nearly half an hour about how they are ‘dopplegangers’.

Dopplegangers are simply people who look exactly like each other. It’s not the same as incest. The two keep changing their story throughout the interview. At first, they claim they grew up in the same place. Then they talk about how they ‘found’ each other later. They mentioned a few times that they are in fact not related. But when asked why they misinterpreted themselves, they start talking about dopplegangers.

We cannot imagine why their parents would disown them simply for looking like each other. Are they hiding something else? One commenter questioned whether they’re now doing damage control for their image after facing severe backlash for saying they are twins.

But most other commenters have decided that the duo have simply cooked up the story for fame.

It’s tough to verify such claims but one thing that’s true is that Jalang’o is now in trouble because of this episode! 

To be honest, our man Jalang’o looked like his patience was being tried throughout the interview. He even mentions how tough it was to navigate through such vague answers. Even though the interview was weird, we thought the comments section was hilarious. If nothing else, it’s worth seeing that video just to read the comments.

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