‘I’ll Wash Her” Winnie Odinga Challenges Femi One on the Mic

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By  | Jun 24, 2022, 06:51 AM  | Drama

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Wnnie Odinga, the lastborn daughter of former Prime Minister and current Azimio One Kenya Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga, came out guns blazing and challenged Femi One to a rap battle. Speaking on the Iko Nini Podcast hosted by Mwafreeka, Winnie revealed that she was capable of standing up to the Kaka Empire rapper.

Mwafreeka was interviewing Winnie Odinga on her life story when she claimed that her hometown Bondo could get the best female rapper after already having the best male rapper in Khaligraph Jones.

“So unataka kutudanganya Bondo inaweza toa the best male rapper and the best female rapper?” Mwafreeka asked.

“Best female rapper, best first daughter,” Winnie Odinga responded to which she continued into taking shots at Femi One.

When asked about her opinion on Femi One’s new song Hepi she mentioned that she had listened to the song and was impressed with her talent. “I have listened to the song, she is really good,” Winnie Odinga commented.

“I challenge her to a rap off man. I can do a cypher with her.  I’ll wash her,” she responded. Mwafreeka then went on to tell her that Femi One would be a mistake to challenge.

“But you don’t know what I can do,” Winnie noted saying that she could stand up to Femi One on the microphone. Mwafreeka advised her to start battles with the underground rappers instead of going after a pro like Femi One.

Winnie, however, insisted that she was capable of standing up for herself and going toe-to-toe with the ‘Utawezana’ hitmaker.

Winnie Odinga was invited to the Hip Hop podcast to talk about her life and mentioned a lot of things that have happened in her life. She started off by opening up about the death of her brother Fidel Odinga which was really devastating for her family.

Fidel Odinga was the firstborn in Winnie’s family and was found dead under unclear circumstances on January 4th, 2015 at his Karen home.

“I did not cry immediately when he died. I just started crying the moment we were burying him, that is when it really hit me. During the funeral process, you just don’t feel it because many people are around. It is after that body goes in and you are just there with your family that is when you feel it. That is when most people get into depression,” Winnie Odinga said.

Winnie Odinga also admitted that she was currently still in therapy and kept most of her issues private, only sharing them sparingly. Winnie also revealed what it was like being Raila Odinga’s daughter and how the public perceived her.

“About a month after settling in the University and everything is fine am adapting, my parents, decide to visit. At this time he (her dad) is still the Prime Minister. The day before he comes, the Secret Service comes in pretending to check the rooms and all that.”

“So on the day of the visit, he comes with a big convoy and we spend time together. About a week later, the Vice-Chancellor of the University calls me and asks why I never informed them my dad was such a big deal and I just told him I thought they knew.” She narrated.


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