I Don't Like This Part Of My Body-Vera

Vera Speaks On Body Insecurity

By  | Aug 04, 2021, 01:40 PM  | Drama

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Vera Sidika made her name as a video vixen in the chart-topping P-Unit song, "You Guy."

At the time, she was an unknown entity but her curvy and beautiful body drew many men(and some women, it must be said) to her.

That video alone boosted her fame and popularity, the same way it happened for model Emily Ratajkowski, who was featured in the music video, Blurred Lines.

Since then, the now pregnant socialite hasn't looked back, leveraging that fame and infamy(in some quarters) into money and influence among Kenyans.

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But along the way, in her heyday as a full-fledged socialite, Vera did some work on her body.

One of the cosmetic procedures people allege she did was butt enhancement.

In a recent Q and A, the woman who is married to singer Brown Mauzo confirmed that her behind is entirely natural.

She clarified that only her bosom, teeth and skin colour are fake. She also revealed an insecurity she has about her behind, saying it is too big and she dislikes it.

”My booty is natural. But my boobs, teeth & skin complexion are fake. In fact hopefully, after delivery, I’d want a smaller booty. I’m told running on the treadmill helps. Honestly, it’s too big. I don’t like it😂.”

What did she have to say about her bleaching? She said that some people's assertion that she had a baby with a light-skinned Brown Mauzo was wrong.

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She explained that her love for him was genuine and that's why she chose to make a baby with him.

While some might hate on Vera for having "some work done", it is quite common among socialites and fitness influencers.

Famous socialites from the Kardashian clan have taken part in having some cosmetic surgery, although they refuse to speak on the same.

In Kenya, Huddah Monroe has also gone under the knife, once revealing back in 2017, how a cosmetic surgery she had undergone had nearly killed her, with many speculating that it was a b00b job.

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In February last year, Huddah revealed that she had done a boob job to please a man.

"If there’s one thing I have told my 20-year-old self, it is, ‘Don’t do your boobs. I did my boobs for a man who didn’t even end up marrying me! He funded that sh!t, gave me $35,000 (Sh3,500,000) plus flight, hotel, shopping. Motherf***er! God forgive you."

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