Harmonize And Kajala Ugly Break-up

Chweest pains!

By  | Dec 09, 2022, 05:59 AM  | Harmonize  | Drama

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Tanzanian Couple singer Harmonize and his fiancee Frida Kajala have left the internet in disbelief after announcing their breakup.

The couple has been together after a nasty fallout for barely a year now. Their first fallout was after Harmonize was accused of hitting on Kajala's daughter Paula, the lass was dating Rayvanny and that caused a rift.

Months later, Harmonize and Kajala got back together, and he proposed and it was yes. Things happened so fast with Harmonize naming Kajala as her manager and the rest, as they say, has been history, the couple has been sharing their progress on their socials and they looked like a happy pair.

The news of their break up broke yesterday after Kajala posted a long post saying that she deserve to be criticized as she had made a mistake, she went on to say how man is to err and it was noted that she had deleted Harmonize on her Instagram bio and unfollowed him. 

"Mimi kama mwanamke na binadamu nimeumbwa kupenda na kusamehe pia,ila kwenye hili nastahili kuchekwa, nastahili kubezwa na kudharauliwa pia😌

Sipo hapa kujitetea wala kutia huruma ni kweli nilifanya makosa na nimeyagundua makosa yangu, mimi siyo mkamilifu. Hakika nimekosea familia yangu, ndugu zangu, na marafiki zangu. Kutenda kosa si kosa, kosa kurudia kosa. I forgive my X and I’m ready for the next." She said.

Kajala recently hit the headlines for sharing screenshots of Harmonize's ex-wife Sarah demanding her share of his wealth, Kajala laughed it off saying Sarah left Harmonize with nothing and that all he has gained was with her help and that the ex does not deserve anything. Well, she didn't know that her day would come and become an ex as well.
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Drama As Harmonize's Ex-wife Sarah Demands Half Of His 
Famous Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize has exposed his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti.

The singer and Sarah separated she severally accused her of neglect, Sarah accused Harmonize of disregarding her sentiments and efforts to maintain their relationship. According to her, the UNO hitmaker is a two-faced person who only shows his true colors behind closed doors. She broke up with her after news spread that he had sired a kid out of wedlock and this might have broken her rushing to divorce.

Harmonize has revealed how Sarah has returned to demand a divorce and part of his money. He went on to argue that he had nothing when they were dating and that she had no right to what he has today.

The singer who is now engaged to Tanzanian socialite Fridah Kajala has revealed how she took him in when he had nothing and how Fridah helped him when he had nothing. She took him to his lowest and did not brag or let anyone know. 

"Taraka 3 sio mke wangu, Umalaya sio chaguo langu." Harmonize said. " Yani anashtaki kama nimemuoa, anataka mali tugawane maskini ya mungu sijuwi mali gani wakati tumeachana nikaanza kulala nyumbani kwako daah, hata pa kulala nilikuwa sina hizo mali zilikuwa wap jamani." He said, in response Kajala asked her to leave his ex-wife alone.


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