Esther Musila Reminisces Meeting Nigerian Actor Ramsey Nouah (Pic)

Guardian reacts

By  | Mar 23, 2023, 10:54 AM  | Guardian Angel  | Drama

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Guardian Angel's wife Esther Musila has shared a TBT photo posing with popular Nigerian actor Ramsey Nouah.

The photo seems to have been taken many years ago. Esther revealed that he met him at work. She mentioned that he had visited their workplace.

"Ooh, I met him when they came to our workplace many years ago," Esther told a fan who had mentioned that he is currently in Uganda. Guardian has commented on the photo with an emoji with hearty eyes.

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Esther has been advocating for a happy life, asking people to just enjoy life. She recently encouraged her fans to count their blessings every single day.

In a society that has you counting money, pounds, age, and calories, be a rebel and count your blessings. Musila came into the limelight after getting married to gospel musician Guardian. Their marriage attracted a lot of attention because of their age difference.

Esther, on the other hand, stated on her Instagram that she is not afraid of aging because it is natural. "Aging is natural, and that's going to happen to all of us. I just want to always look like myself, even if it's an older version of myself.

Age only matters if you are cheese. So, enjoy your life, and allow me to enjoy myself...💃💃tomorrow is not guaranteed to any one of us. Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another. Ps. Don't die at 40 to be buried at 80!" 

Esther is said to be 52 years old, while the singer is 32. The couple has beaten all odds, especially cyberbullying, and stuck together.
Responding to critics, Guardian said that no one has the right to dictate to him the kind of people he should be in a relationship with and those that he cannot be in a relationship with. 

On the other hand, Esther has not been entertaining any hate or trolls that are thrown her way because of her relationship with the Guardian. If anything, their three-year relationship has been nothing but bliss to the couple.

Esther and Guardian met through a celebrity mutual friend, Maina Kageni. As Esther would narrate, it all started one morning when she was heading to work and Maina played Guardian Angel's song on the radio, and the business lady was quick to ask the radio presenter who had sung the song.

Maina revealed that the song was sung by Guardian Angel a musician Esther had never heard of until then. She went ahead and asked Maina if he could connect them, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

The mother of three has also been facing criticism from people who feel she is past childbearing age and might not be able to give Guardian Angel any children.
Regardless of the criticism, for the time Esther has been with Guardian Angel, she has seen his music career grow exponentially. 

In the caption, the Guardian wrote: "Ukipata chance ya Kutesa mtu wangu Tesa niko hapa sababu yako usiogope. Tesa kabisa !! Chafua ntasafisha!" (If you get a chance to be happy my person, just be happy, I'm here for you, don't be afraid. Live to the fullest!! Mess it up, and I'll clean after you!)

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