Govi Opens Up On Making Millions In A Year Through Acting

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By  | Nov 25, 2022, 09:53 AM  | Drama

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We all know him from the child character he played back in the show Machachari, as a calm kid who never liked trouble. Well, he is not a child anymore but he is still a great actor.

Malik Lemuel or Govi as he is popularly known is a cast member of the just released Pepeta show where he is acting as Dimory. The show is about some street boys who are caught between their love for football and their hunger for making money whatever it takes, even if it means becoming gangsters.

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We had a chance to interact with Malik during the screening where he expressed his gratitude adding that this year has been very good to him. Malik further indicated that he has prospects of moving outside the country for a role he looks forward to playing in the near future.

Since leaving Machachari Govi has not been frequent on the screens and we sought to know what he has been up to. Well, it turns out that he has had quite a lot on his plate from the school where he is about to complete his studies at the university. The actor is pursuing a bachelor's degree in International relations and political science. That's not to say that he has not been acting though.

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Malik has acted in shows like Kina kutu and is yet in another show that is yet to be released called Mawimbi.

So does art pays? The answer is yes. According to Govi who revealed to us that he makes more than 5 million in a year through acting. The secret he says is in mastering your art and persevering through the good times and bad times.

In an interview in September 2021, Malik revealed that he battled depression after Royal Media Services, the company that manages Citizen TV, decided to terminate Machachari.

The 22-year-old actor, who had starred in the program for nearly a decade, narrated that it was difficult to get another role and at some point, he thought his acting career had come to an abrupt end.

“After quitting the show, I knew that there were so many doors which were going to open. But that was just a thought, after some time, my phone stopped ringing. People who I thought were my friends in the industry stopped being there for me. My mother would get so angry,” he divulged.

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Further, Malik stated that he hated acting at that particular time and started spending time in his room. It got to a point where he thought he was running mad because he could not believe the things that were happening to him.

He snapped out of his depression with the help of his mother who he refers to his pillar and friend.

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“My mum has always been there for me. When I was down, she was there, when I was doing well sh was also there. She celebrates me at every moment. I feel like that is the best gift that a parent can ever give to their child, just that listening ear and support. That thing had worked for my life,” Malik added.
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