From Nursing To Content Creation, Mulamwah Remembers His Struggling Days

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By  | Dec 09, 2022, 03:10 PM  | Drama

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If there is one celeb who has never let fame or social media influence his lifestyle is comedian Mulamwah.

The content creator was clear since day one that his main agenda on social media was to make money to help him change his life and that of his family and not impress people especially women with his money. He has made it his life mission to not get carried away by fame or class and not to spend beyond his limits.

The father of one has taken to his Instagram stories to share his TBT photos while celebrating how far he has come as a content creator, he studied nursing only to end up in the media.

 To show how far he has come, Mulamwah posted a photo in her high school uniform holding a magazine, he indicated that the year by accompanying the pic with Uncle Konaya's hit song Merimela.

According to him, his humble lifestyle has created issues, particularly among those who believe that he should buy certain items or live a lavish lifestyle, including his ex-girlfriend Sonnie.

 He once made headlines when he announced that he lives in a 9k house not because he can't afford a more expensive home, but because he wants to save up and finish building his home in Kitale.

Mulamwah also stated that he was not in a hurry to buy a car. 
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Mulamwah Reveals Why He Doesn't Want To Buy A Car (Video)
Unlike many public figures of his stature, comedian and Milele FM presenter David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, does not own a car and he is not bothered about it.

Speaking during a recent interview, the funny man revealed that he does not see the importance of owning a car at the moment because he does not move around a lot, adding that it only costs him KSh 50 to commute to his workplace.

Mulamwah also explained that car ownership comes with a lot of costs which he is not ready to bear at the moment because he has other priorities.

"I am someone whose movements are limited. My fare is just KSh 50. I won't tell you where I live because people will know. When I'm coming to work, I alight at Ngara and walk to work. So it's very cheap and convenient.

Buying a car will also be a burden because I'll have to relocate. When the time is right and I feel like I need a car, then I will just get one" he stated.

However, Mulamwah noted that he prefers to use a taxi when he is going to meetings where he has to look neat and respectable.

When asked whether he gets pressure for not owning a car yet he is a celebrity, the comedian divulged that once in a while, he runs into people who feel that he should not be in certain places because of his status and he is often taken aback since he is a human being like them only that he prefers simplicity.

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