Fans Plead With Alikiba's Wife

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By  | Mar 23, 2023, 02:09 PM  | Drama

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Alikiba's fans have taken it upon themselves to plead on his behalf asking his wife Amina Khalef to reunite with him. The pleas came after a recent post on Amina's profile on her social media.

In the comment section, the fans argue that the two were a very beautiful couple and they should not let their family break for anything.

Amina and Alikiba went their separate ways last year. This came to light after Amina  took to social media with a post of a bird that was being released from a cage and captioned the photo with a statement that said "Officially free." That was the most certain sign that their ship had completely sunk.

The news of their divorce was first reported in February of this year when it was said that the wife Amina Khaleef had filed for divorce citing a number of issues that to her were irreconcilable.

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According to Amina, Kiba had been neglecting his role as a father and a husband in their marriage and it was for these reasons that she chose to file for a divorce. 

But that’s not all, she also claimed that she had been allegedly facing a lot of backlash and verbal abuse from her in-laws which had led her to believe that she may not be wanted in their family after all.
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According to papers presented by the court, their relationship had been on the rocks for quite some time now, as Amina had initially filed the divorce suit as early as January 8th last year. 

Other than being an absentee father in the home, the Kenyan beauty also decried that there had been issues of infidelity that Kiba refused to address or even correct for the time that they have been together.
And seeing that nothing she was doing was helping to salvage their marriage, Amina’s only option was to file for a divorce.

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According to the report by Nairobi news Alikiba has been struggling to make amends and save his marriage all in vain. It is being reported that he made countless trips to Kenya in an attempt to resolve their marital issues but still did not work.
It is further reported that Amina had given Kiba a lifeline to try and make things right with her and the family but the singer kept messing up and she could not take it anymore. 

“Amina had decided to settle down and raise a family with Ali. Of course, they had their arguments and she was ready to make things work out, but Alikiba kept messing up,” the source said.
Despite their difference, the couple have been trying to keep their issues as discrete as possible.
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