Eve Mungai Accused Of Bad Journalism

Edgar Obare puts YouTuber on blast

By  | Nov 26, 2021, 05:41 AM  | Drama

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Tea Master, Edgar Obare put Eve Mungai on blast recently insinuating that social media views are more important to her than actually telling stories in an objective way.

Edgar took to his BNN Kenya platform to question whether Eve Mungai helps to sanitize celebrities after they mess up as she is friends with them, and thus has easy access to them. A few suggestive questions about Eve’s journalism were posted on BNN’s Instagram page.
On the post, Edgar reveals that it was one of his fans, who was questioning Eve’s style of reporting. The fan took it upon themself to give a brief history of what they deemed to be Eve’s history of poor journalism and wondered why people still grant her interviews even though they know she sensationalises stories.

Screenshots of a fan accusing Eve Mungai.

The fan went on to note that the popular YouTuber is just being used by celebrities, sighting the recent interview she did with Kabi WaJesus as an example of her being a pon in games played by celebrities.

Edgar to his credit noted that Eve is just doing her job by trying to get to the bottom of what’s happening, as a journalist should, as he noted “anatafuta unga”. The fan though wasn’t having it as they claimed that Eve’s interviews are scripted and that she is a pro at spinning the news to get herself noticed.

Upon seeing this, Eve took to the comment section to defend herself. The rising star noted that in her line of work she runs the risk of being seen as biased, because even though she tells different people’s stories. She notes that everyone's stories have different reactions and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Naturally, a celebrity’s story would trend more than that of a common mwananchi giving their side of the same story, therefore garnering it more reach on the internet. So, Eve noted that she has no problem with doing all sides of the stories, but noted that the problem was getting access to everyone.

She used Edgar as an example noting that, if she knew where he was holed up, she would immediately rush there to interview him, and she is sure that the interview wouldn’t please anyone.

 So, do you think that Eve has a point? Is online journalism different from mainstream journalism? Are opinions formed according to the level of clout you have?

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