Bien Gets A Restraining Order Against Eric Omondi

This after Eric named his new dogs Bien, Omollo and Apoko.

By  | Nov 28, 2022, 09:36 AM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Things have gotten real between perennial rivals Eric Omondi and Bien of Sauti Sol. And now, the comedian is banned from setting foot at the upcoming Sol Fest concert this December.

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Yesterday, the comedian who calls himself the president of entertainment in Kenya made some big demands just to be able to attend the gig. While introducing his new dogs (named Bien, Omollo the OG and Apoko), Eric called out all his industry peers including Kamene and "KRG the Donkey".

He ended the video by demanding 20 VIP tickets from Bien so he can attend the concert with his new dogs and their handlers. “I need 20 VIP TICKETS and Treatment for my 20 Dogs. I also need another 20 VIP Tickets for the dog handlers. Actually how much is the entire VIP area? I need it cordoned off for me, my dogs and my dawgs,” Eric demanded while surrounded by his new fierce furry friends.

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When Bien heard about Eric's demands and suggestion that no concert happens in Kenya without his approval, he snapped. The Sauti Sol member went on his own Instagram to respond. He proceeded to ban the comedian from the Sol Fest venue, and on top of that threatened to file a restraining order against him personally.

“Eric, your big mouth has gotten you here! Don't blame the musicians. Nobody wants to see you at Sol Fest so please stay away!!! The @solfestafrica security team has this morning received strict instructions NOT to allow this crazy fellow and his borrowed dogs anywhere near 500 metres of the concert venue! Personally, I have filed for a restraining order against him. Therefore, I urge you all to avoid him like a plague!!!,” Bien posted.

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Eric has been outspoken about the entertainment industry for the last couple of years. This has led to a long-running beef between himself and Sauti Sol lead singer Bien, who has termed Eric as a self-serving nuisance who does not see the progress being made in local showbiz.

Inspired by his newfound mission as the saviour of Kenyan entertainment, Eric recently came with his version of 10 commandments which was inspired by his tour of the Biblical Mount Sinai while he was in Egypt. And at No.9, he only labelled it "Bien".
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Speaking on the Eve Mungai channel, Eric explained his decision to include "Bien": "Bien ni msumbufu. Bien is a cancer, he's a tumor in the industry. Bien ni monkeypox-- ushawai umwa na kitu mahali huwezi kujikuna? Eh... Bien ni mbu. Bien ni kiroboto."
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