Man To Contest For Wife Material

Eric Omondi, what is?

By  | Oct 13, 2021, 11:10 PM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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Eric Omondi has made a mini announcement about his incoming reality show Wife Material and as it turns out, there might be a gay man coming into the mansion!

Eric has been posting the videos of the beautiful girls from East Africa that have been busy sending in their resumes to him and this time he did something completely new and unexpected.

Eric revealed a gay man just might be coming onto the show to compete for his graces!

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The man, known as Dennis Karuri, is an influencer and mini-celebrity that is actually very popular in celebrity circles. He’s friends with many industry bigwigs the likes of Betty Kyallo, Jacky Vike, Foi Wambui and countless others.

When you think about it, even though many of us doubt that Eric goes both ways when it comes to his sexuality, there actually might be evidence that supports this… Remember that time Andrew Kibe came for Eric and Eric responded to the tune of, ‘if you think I’m gay, you don’t know anything, I’ll show you gay!’

Oh, what about the numerous times Eric has embraced his feminine side and gone full-blown slay queen (and a very attractive one at that)?

In the video, Dennis attempted to pitch in his idea to Eric by telling him that all this time (Eric is in his forties by the way,) he had not gotten a wife –but he had the solution for that. Dennis went on to tell Eric that he should make a bright decision by refreshing his tastes, and even though he was a man, he was ‘that sweet girl ‘ask him and in his own words, he had ‘Nyash, small breasts, brains, and he got face’ too!

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And by the way, he owns a makeup academy and studio where he meets and teaches women how to do their own makeup and slay it to the gods. It is very expensive too.

Eric Omondi did not say much, he just remarked that this was intrigue for him, and asked his fans if he should admit Dennis into the mansion.

The video got many responses with some of them being repulsed by this, others telling him to go for it, and others just laughing at the craziness of the whole situation! Some celebs also commented, expressing their surprise.

Eric did not white Dennis out, and if he does admit him onto the Presidents’ mansion, it’s certainly something that will have Kenyans on their toes for. Will you be tuning in?

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