Sad And Lonely? Photo Of DJ Mo Emerges After Alleged Cheating Scandal

Whoa...not good

By  | Sep 20, 2020, 01:19 PM  | DJ Mo  | Drama

The last few days have been tumultuous for the Murayas. First, Size 8 unfollowed her husband on Instagram. Next, he went for a staycation at a luxury hotel with the kids only. DJ Mo usually accompanies his family on such vacations.

Thirdly, they haven't posted photos of them together in the last few days. What could this mean? Is everything over? Are they playing mind games with us?

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Size 8 seems happy and very happy for that matter in the videos she has posted. However, you can still feel that there's something missing...the genuine feeling of happiness. For instance, there's a video she posted of her being surprised by the room service.

Her bed was filled with flowers and goodies. She was excited but not as you would expect. As for DJ Mo, things definitely don't seem to be alright.

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He took to Instagram yesterday to post a close-up selfie. There's no smile at all, just a blank stare. In his eyes, you can definitely detect either loneliness or sadness.
The previous day he had gone on a road trip and posted about it. It isn't known who accompanied him. Here's the video.

As for the photo we're talking about...have a look and let us know...what do you think?