The “Madharau” Diana Showed Bahati

Things men go through!

By  | Oct 28, 2020, 03:40 PM  | Diana Marua  | Drama

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To win a girl takes a lot of effort. In fact, most girls are difficult so that they can see if you are a passing cloud, or you are serious. Once they see that you are truly serious, then they can give you their all. Ask Diana Marua or Bahati.

That’s exactly what the singer went through when he was courting Diana. In a recent confession, Diana actually revealed the trouble that her husband had to go through in order to get her.
“Bahati was the guy I wanted in my life, he had hopes, he had dreams and he used to encourage me on so many things. I think he knew I was a chick of the world, ‘cause sometimes when we planned to meet, I was out drunk, and I was like what I had forgotten and I took gum. I cheated him about where I was the couple of times when we planned to meet, and he would tell me that weuh, I know you were drinking,” she revealed.

As if that’s not enough, when she finally gave in, Diana knew that she had hit a jackpot. That’s why she demanded so much from him. However, Bahatiw was struggling to make ends meet. He was paying rent for his studio at the same time catering for bills. At that point, Bahati had to get real. It was either she accepted him the way he is, or she would just let go.
” I began to hang out with him seriously and I could see the hurt in him when he told me I never used to pick up his calls,

I cancelled every guy I had in my life and I said liwe liwalo, and let me tell you he had enough to pay his rent rent for the studio and enough to keep him going. So imagine I’m now in his life, and I felt like this is what I wanted. I wanted this kind of a guy in life, and I rememeber the frrst two years were very hard.
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I was used to being given money, I used to support support my dad and pay his rent of 30k and I had my sister and her twins who were living with me, and all these things I wanted Bahati to do, so ikafika some point tukakosana, na sometimes, bills zangu zilikuwa zinafika 60k, so tulikuwa tunakosana na Bahati, and I threatened to leave him, and at some point Bahati came and told me, me I like you but I think mahali imefika I can’t take care of you and your family and if you feel I just think it’s best for me to just let you go,” she added.
Now that all the drama was out of the way, it was time for Diana to shape up and become a hard working woman. Before, she was used to different men providing for her; a real slay queen.

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“Those words pierced me, and I thought why am I making him fit into that space, na nikamwambia you know what we are going to make life together and I’m going to make tough decisions, and I am going to work where I can, so things were difficult things were tough, but ikafika mahali Bahati was so proud of me”
Things have now changed. If you peep at their Instagram pages, they are a seemingly happy couple. Apart from the fact that they recently fooled Kenyans

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