Dancer David Moya Begs Thee Pluto To Gift Him His Old Car

Mwanaume anafaa kupewa kitu kweli?

By  | Sep 23, 2022, 02:00 PM  | Drama

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Tiktok Star and surprise dancer David Moya has expressed his interest in Loyalty Show host Thee Pluto's old red car.

The content creator now owns two cars after recently purchasing a new Land cruiser which he has since shown off on his social media.

Taking to his Instagram stories Moya City Spa owner David pleaded with Thee pluto to give him the old red car. The TikToker claimed that he would his car for running his surprise dances.
"Nipee ya nyuma niende nayo Suprise" Moya captioned a picture of Thee Pluto standing beside the two vehicles. Thee pluto who had posted the photo saying how blessed he was. "A busy man, a paid man, a blessed man." Thee pluto said. 
Moya is currently successful in his dancing career as well as his freshly opened spa. He now performs his surprises all over the world. He traveled to Dubai and Juba, which is evidence that his business is profitable.

We are still waiting for the content creator to respond to him, since he bought the new car, Felicity has been seen around riding the old one. Does it mean that it is now solely hers? 

Huwa unaangalia wapi ukiomba- Thee Pluto Shows Off His New 7.8M Car
Tiktoker and content creator Thee Pluto is having a successful year.

The Loyalty show presenter paraded his new machine just a few weeks after announcing that he and his partner Felicity Wanjiru are expecting their first child. It's undeniably a machine that very few of his peers can afford.

The white Toyota LandCruiser, V8, that Thee Pluto is riding in can not be less than 7.8 million Kenyan Shillings, according to a cursory search of the Kenyan car markets. May Pluto, the God of Thee, locate us.

He has gone ahead to praise his winnings saying, " Just like Noah I'm collecting them in pairs."

Fans could not hide their astonishment as they congratulated the 23-year-old.

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mwangi_car_dealer1: Kijana watesa wakenya sana💯💯 uko na gari baridi sana!!

steve_makeup_and_nails:🔥🔥🔥 hiii gari ni motooo 🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌

amalia_judith: Where do you face when praying? you are blessed manzee ❤️

Thee Pluto and her girlfriend are known to live a lavish lifestyle, their house is to die for. He recently shaved his dreads, is this a sign that he is ready for a change in his life?

Thee Pluto Has A New Look
Youtuber and entrepreneur Thee Pluto has surprised many of his fans after shaving his signature dreadlocks for the second time this year. The content creator has been teasing his fans for some time now about the intention of shaving the dreadlocks until today when it became a reality.

He posted the new look on his Instagram page and fans could not hide their amazement at his new look. 

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