Crazy Kennar Bashed By Americans For Controversial Content (Video)

Sasa iyo ni kitu ya kukasirikia surely?

By  | Sep 23, 2022, 03:26 PM  | Drama

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One of Kenya's top content creators Crazy Kennar has found himself on the receiving end after one of his videos stirred controversy with the American Audience. The controversy here is that the video is perceived by some audiences to be promoting colorism which for a long time has been a touchy subject in the United States.

In the video, Kennar tries to illustrate the difference between a wife and a side chick in relation to how different the two treat a man. The problem comes when Kennar uses a light-skinned lady to depict the side chick while he acts as the annoying wife in the video.

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The people who have a problem with the video interpret it to mean that light-skinned people are less problematic compared to dark-skinned people.

However, there are those who have come to Kennar's defense arguing out that the lady in the video has been part of his team for the longest time and the video had nothing to do with colorism or racism for that matter.

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One of Kennar's fans by the name of Willy Monka had this to say,"Context is so important. Because Americans are seeing this as colorism while we know Kennar is just using the same people he uses in all his content.
Another one by the name of Mariam wrote," They're going crazy over colorism in the comments, African Americans think they have a monopoly on the black experience 
That's why you have to be careful not to own their struggle too much."

Kennar has not made any comment or reaction to the criticism. The comedian is not the only one to have faced such a backlash because of his content. 

A few months ago Diamond platinum was in a similar spot after, he released a video displaying the  Confederate flag where he is shot with a typical American country theme.

Now to bring you up to speed the confederate flag has been used over the years to represent white supremacy, segregation, and slavery.

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It has been a  subject of controversy, especially in the United States as the infamous KKK group has been known to use it in spreading hate against the black minority.

The department of defense in the States was recently forced to ban the use of the flag out of the controversies surrounding it.

Some people felt he only copied a scene from a Hollywood film and used it without understanding the full context. In the whole debate, there are those who felt there should be no excuse for ignorance suggesting that he should have that bit of the video edited.
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