Celebs That Started As Video Vixens

Sexiness was the game

By  | Jul 22, 2021, 04:19 PM  | Drama

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Funny enough, a majority of the socialites and social media influencers we have in Kenyans started in music, specifically began as video vixens. It doesn't look like much, and a majority of the time they are only the for the quick check, but being a video vixen is most often the difference between making it big in entertainment and staying at home with pipe dreams of becoming famous. 
On that note, here are some industry bigwigs that started their journeys as Video vixens but ended up some of the wealthiest women we have in the game!

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika was just a woman with dreams pursuing her career in Art and Design at the University of Nairobi when, in a modeling gig she was called to do to make extra cash, she was later discovered and asked to become the main video vixen for P-Unit's 'Good One'. Thanks to her, that song was one of their greatest hits to date, topping charts for weeks on end but thanks to them, Vera Sidika is now a multi-millionaire that has traveled the entire world to launch her own business, and live a life more lavish than the one the members of P-unti live themselves! 
Talk about making lemonade out of watermelons!

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo just went viral a day ago for her exploits as a curious girl in the university!
It turns out, Betty was a video vixen right around her campus days when she was doing a degree in Journalism. According to sources, she was a vixen to music called 'Mdogo Mdogo' by S Kay and the video came out right around a decade ago!
Ps, S Kay was the musician that had accused Bahati of stealing his music. According to S Kay, Dear Ex was a direct steal from his original song. Bahati simply ignored him and the case has never moved forward from there.

Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Ntalami just recently became a video vixen, and we owe that to the fact that she's a woman that loves to enjoy herself! 
The video, which was literally released today is called 'Fresh' and was made by Benzema who was the rumored Ex-boyfriend to Notiflow.
Michelle, however, is a millionaire by her own right as the CEO of Marini Naturals and is also the rumored girlfriend to Makena Njeri the owner of Bold Beer!

Huddah Monroe

Yes, Huddah was a video Vixen too! 
And that was way before she was a star socialite with her own career. It seemed as if Huddah was very hungry for success when she started on in entertainment. She's been in two music videos so far with the first being Jaguar's Nimetoka Mbali' that we all know and love and her very first gig from Profesa Eshuiya called Ukweli! 
Huddah has definitely been around the block a couple of times!
By the way, she's promised to come back to the country sometime soon, , planning to show us that she is definitely not under house arrest!
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