Bahati's Crying Finally Proves Successful After Latest Win

Mtoto wa Diana has finally gotten what he always wanted

By  | May 13, 2022, 02:48 PM  | Bahati   | Drama

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Popular musician Bahati, stunned many not too long ago when he took to his social media to announce that he would be vying for the Mathare MP parliamentary seat. 

Seeing that the Machozi hitmaker has always called Mathare home, many of his fans were happy and excited to see that he was choosing to take a more active role in his community. 

It was even more good news for his fans when they learnt that he had finally received the nomination ticket and a go ahead to proceed with his campaigns for the seat, only for that victory to be short lived when he was asked to step down from the race altogether.

What would follow after was an emotional Bahati calling for a press conference where he broke down in tears narrating how he had been asked to withdraw from the contest altogether. 

It was in the same press conference that he revealed that he would not let anyone take the seat from him seeing that the constituents of Mathare also believe him to be the ideal candidate.

In a recent announcement however, it seems that things are looking up for the Wewe Ni Mungu singer, after it was revealed that Bahati is back on the campaign trail and that he will be representing the people of Mathare at the ballot box. 

Taking to her Instagram page to announce the news, his wife Diana Marua has written a heartfelt post reiterating that even though the process may have been delayed, things are looking good for Mathare which can only translate as a win even on election day.

Fans and netizens alike have shown up in the comment section to celebrate the good news with Diana and Bahati with many of them echoing that they knew things would work out for Bahati in the end. 

Bahati has also shared the good news on his social media and it is clear that he is happy about having his nomination certificate back and we can only share in his joy and celebration. 

I guess it is safe to say that there will be no more crying now that his pleas have been heard and addressed.

That aside however, the Bahati’s have been trending these past few days, especially after it was finally revealed how much they spend on their children’s school fees. 

Seeing with the way parents around the country have been running around helter skelter to get their kids back to school after the long holiday, netizens have also gotten the chance to see how our celeb parents are handling the back to school season as well. 

To think that Oga Obinna’s back to school shopping receipt was enough to send us into shock, we finally uncovered where the Bahatis are schooling their children and the school fees alone! Kweli kila mtu na lane yake.

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