Bahati Attempts To Dirty Dance With Upcoming Artist

Ni tamu sana

By  | Mar 01, 2022, 11:51 AM  | Bahati   | Drama

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The Bahatis’ recently held a birthday party for their daughter Heaven Bahati who was turning 4-years-old and had a number of entertainers performing at the event. Bahati, however, almost took it too far with one of the performers.

In a vlog of the event uploaded on Diana Marua’s YouTube Page,  upcoming artist MaxyneStephanie was giving an awesome rendition of her hit song Tamu Sana, when Bahati couldn’t take more of her gyrating and explicit lyrics and started to approach her in a bid to grind on her. 

It seems Bahati was lost in the performance as he inched ever closer to MaxyneStephanie. Lucky for him the crowd was there to warn him. He eventually snapped out of it only to find Diana bursting out in laughter. Luckily this time the incident was PG as nothing happened. You can check out the funny moment here. 

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In another incident, the Bahatis were having way too much fun during Diana’s 32nd birthday.  Diana Marua, Milly Chebby, Phoina, and Bahati were live during Diana’s 32nd birthday party, and fans were treated to a pretty steamy video from them.

Diana, Milly, and Phoina may be seen grinding on each other while music plays in the background. In the recording of the live session taken by (GWC TV). Diana, who has been widely regarded as a wholesome figure since her marriage to Bahati, decided to let loose on her birthday and exhibit her wild side to fans.

Diana's fans are well aware that she was a notorious party girl. She has stated on multiple occasions that since marrying her husband, she has toned down her partying to fit into her former gospel musician singer persona.

Bahati, on the other hand, has moved away from evangelical music and is now more of a secular singer, as evidenced by his current song Adhiambo, a love song with Prince Indah. Well, it appears that the transformation hasn't been limited to music, as the artist joined the ladies as they danced, sandwiching himself between them.

Diana then had a private moment with Phoina, during which the two had a lengthy suggestive dancing session. In the video, Diana appeared to be inebriated and enjoying the time of her life while clinging to a voluptuous Phoina. The beautician then took the lead, putting the heat on Diana while they danced the night away.

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