Azziad Unshaken After Trolls Gang Up On Her

Hii hasira yote ni ya nini sasa?

By  | May 14, 2022, 10:05 AM  | Azziad Nasenya  | Drama

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Popular social media influencer and radio presenter Azziad Nasenya has always been a favorite among many young people. 

But what comes with the territory of course, is that so many have also loved to hate on her time and time again and we can only imagine that sis has had to toughen up to all the trolling. 

Just when we thought that she would finally catch a break when it comes to all the body shaming and slamming that she has had to endure online, recent events continue to prove that that is far from over. 

Just recently the TikTok queen took to her Instagram in what seems to be a promotional and endorsement video for Garnier, where she took the time to explain how the product has helped with her textured skin. 

If you are an avid follower of the influencer, you may have already heard Azziad talk about her struggle with acne and how she has had to embrace her skin in order to boost her confidence. 

In the video that she posted, Azziad reiterated that it’s products like these that have even helped to boost her confidence even further and we love to see it. 

While many were taking the time to of course gas her up and show her some love in the comment section, we couldn’t help but also notice a nasty comment by a troll, and it seems the radio personality also picked up on it as well.

This is after a troll commented saying that the only thing that was boosting her confidence was makeup and nothing else. 

Azziad showed up hours later and decided to put the troll in their rightful place and boy, we stun a queen that knows how to stand up for herself and do so like the boss babe that she is. 

Responding in that calm yet stinging tone, Azziad wrote saying, “...You know I've looked at you..and I felt pity for you…let the Lord Give you peace…your bitter soul won't earn you blessings…”

Her fans also showed up to back her up and we can only imagine that the troll is swallowing their words right now. 

But that was not the only troll she had to deal with. Yet another one showed up asking her why she always has dark spots on her face when she is always doing a lot of skincare regimen for her fans to see and maybe follow. 

“Go educate yourself about acne first…let's come back and have this conversation when you are a little bit knowledgeable and well conversant about this topic…” was her response.

To even count the number of trolls Azziad had to slam on her own timeline would be pointless juu wueh! But honestly to have the confidence to even calmly respond to all the trolling is not an easy feat. 

Do you share in the same experiences like Azziad?

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