Anerlisa Muigai Shares Lessons She Learned From Her Breakup With Benpol

A lesson learned the hard way

By  | May 26, 2023, 04:04 PM  | Drama

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Business lady Anerlisa Muigai has advised her followers that they should not compromise or settle for less as far as relationships are concerned. In a post she made on her Instagram, the Instagram model said above all, people should make sure that they don't allow themselves in the hands of toxic partners. 

“The beauty about being healed and happy is that you get to be very selective with who you bring into your personal life, especially with relationships. A draining and toxic partner is the worst thing you can have around… they make everything of yours seem stuck,” 
The Nero water CEO has further given lessons she has learned from her healing process since she broke up with her ex-husband Benpol not too long ago.

“Sometimes you will just realise you do not actually want an official relationship, you just need a male or female companion to communicate with or accompany you. Make it clear that your friendship is not sexual. There are such people."
She recently made headlines with her surprising revelation that she has been celibate for the past seven months.

In a social media post, Muigai shared her personal journey and the benefits she has experienced since making the decision to abstain from sex.

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"Seven months with no sex and still going strong. I feel better, and I view everything differently now," Muigai wrote in her post. The announcement sparked a wave of curiosity and interest among her followers, many of whom were surprised by her decision and eager to know more about her experiences.
Anerlisa is a Kenyan entrepreneur and heiress to the Keroche Breweries empire. She was born on January 9th, 1988, in Nairobi, Kenya. Anerlisa is the daughter of Tabitha Karanja and Joseph Karanja, the founders of Keroche Breweries, which is the first Kenyan-owned brewery.

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Anerlisa grew up in a wealthy family and had a privileged upbringing. She attended the International School of Kenya and later moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a degree in Media and Communication Studies at the University of Westminster.
Anerlisa is known for her successful business ventures, including her company, Nero Company Limited, which produces a popular line of premium water, bottled in Tanzania. She is also the founder of Executive Water, a company that produces premium bottled water in Kenya.

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In terms of her relationships, Anerlisa has had a few high-profile romances. Her most notable relationship was with Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, whom she started dating in 2018.

The couple got engaged in April 2020, but their relationship came to an end in September 2021, with Anerlisa announcing their separation on social media.
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