Andrew Kibe's Pastor Disowns Him

It's not my fault he failed

By  | Mar 17, 2023, 11:44 AM  | Drama

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Days after Vlogger Andrew Kibe placed the blame on his former church leaders in one of his vlogs, his former pastor has come out to defend himself from the allegation that he was behind Kibe's failure in marriage.

The content creator had stated that he had gotten married to please his church leaders before he realized that he had made a mistake.

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"I was weak. I couldn't make a decision. I should have said, 'no, I don't want to get married'. Just getting married because the church wanted me to. I should have stood my ground. I would not have messed up someone else's life and now there are kids in the picture," Kibe explained.
Now Pastor Daniel Wabala through his Facebook page counters Kibe's statement saying that he never forced him to get married but rather it is Kibe who went to him and told him that he had found a woman to wed. He then advised him accordingly.

"This man told me he had met a girl and wanted to follow the ideals of Christianity by getting married through a his pastor I advised him accordingly not forced him, "Wabala wrote.

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Talking about the failure of his marriage Kibe had this to say, “The church called me and I get into the church. Now, I'm in the church for 10 years. While in the church, I got married and got two kids. I woke up from my marriage in 2016 and was like this marriage thing is not for me. I messed up when I was too young. Yeah, yeah, I had too many women."

Many perceive Kibe to be a bitter person especially when it comes to ladies. When you hear Andrew Kibe was once a pastor, it sounds like a joke, doesn't it? Aside from that, he was a devoted husband to one lovely lady - but, like most modern marriages, his union ended in divorce. 

Many people believe that Kibe changed from the man he was before his marriage and became bitter, angry, and problematic.
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Kibe recently revealed that he met his wife while serving in the church. 

His wife was also a member of the choir. 

Kibe claimed that his wife was the ideal woman when they were dating, but after they married in a church ceremony, she began to reveal her true colors.

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After learning that Kibe had moved on following their divorce, his baby mama distanced him from their son. 

He quoted “We raised a very strong offspring until five years old when I was given the chance to see him. I later married another lady and my kid’s mother cut me off. Since then, I have never seen my child for 7-12 years.”

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Kibe revealed his feelings about women to Kamene Goro in 2019. Kibe revealed on their morning show that he did not cry after his sister's sudden death because they were not on good terms. Land and money cases in the High Court were primarily to blame. 

He is also estranged from his mother, who he claims wanted to cancel his wedding. He told his co-host that his mother appeared during the wedding and attempted to stop it, despite the fact that they had not previously spoken. 

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