Andrew Kibe Still Haunting Mungai Eve And Director Trevor

Not relenting

By  | Mar 19, 2023, 12:28 PM  | Drama

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Content creator Andrew Kibe is not relenting in going after fellow YouTubers Mungai Eve and Director Trevor even after the couple blocked him on their social media sites.

A few hours ago the content creator posted yet another video poking holes at the relationship between the two and foretelling that it's doomsday is around the corner.
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In the video, Kibe points to the dynamics of the relationship between Trevor and Eve and concludes that Mungai Eve is the head of the relationship and that one day she will get bored with Trevor and leave.

Kibe felt sorry for Trevor as he claimed he has no idea of what is happening and it will all hit him by surprise.

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Kibe has been constantly on The couple's case for a long time. Recently Harmonize took to social media to highlight his fondness for the Mungai Eve after he went on and responded to her Instagram post with “Queen” followed by heart emoji.

This comment was on a photograph of Eve in which she was dressed in all white and captioned it “Ready for the night, Harmonize white party”.

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Kibe took to his Twitter immediately after these happenings to rub it into Trevor's face. According to Kibe, with Eve starting to attract the attention of big names like Harmonize, it is very hard for him to keep her. Kibe didn't mince his words on the Twitter post saying:

Eve Mungai and Trevor have been at crossroads with Andrew Kibe for a while now. Kibe had criticized the relationship between Eve and Trevor and prophesied doom against it and the couple could not let Kibe get away with it.
Eve immediately started firing shots at Kibe saying that in his old age, she could not understand how he had the time to insult young and uprising personalities in the industry.
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Eve went on to say that for a divorced man (Kibe), to have the audacity to lecture her on how relationships should work when he is not in any functioning relationship was outright disrespectful and that he had no right to give such unsolicited advice.
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Eve also came at his career by saying that Kibe should thank her, because ever since he released that video of him dissing Eve, he got the most views on his YouTube channel, adding that she was the reason for his breakthrough. 

Kibe has been reacting to different events and conversations regarding people in the entertainment industry. He has branded himself as a fighter for the boy child. This has put him at crossroads with a dozen of Kenyan celebrities whom he has bashed in his Youtube videos. Among them are the Bahatis, Terence Creatives with his wife Milly, Kabi wa Jesus Presenter Ali among others.
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