Amira Leaves Jamal For Zanzibar Man

Amber Ray celebrates

By  | Jun 22, 2021, 06:26 PM  | Drama

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It seems as though Jamal’s first wife, Amira has had enough.

After a long back and forth between Amira, Jamal and Amber Ray, Amira seems to have given up the fight and taken off.

On Tuesday, Jamal’s first wife took to Instagram to announce that she was leaving Kenya.

In consecutive videos on her Instagram stories, Amira shows her arrival in Zanzibar via flight suggesting that she’s finally had enough.

Her trip comes just days after a video emerged of Amber Ray and Jamal enjoying themselves in a staycation at the Kempinsky hotel in Nairobi. 

The video captured Amber in a hotel room with her underwear and shoes sprawled across the floor alluding that she had just slept with Jamal. The video which was recorded in Kempinsky was recorded by Jamal, something that didn’t sit well with many netizens considering the fact that he is a known Muslim.

Many netizens were of the opinion that the video shared by Amber Ray was to purposely Amira and it seems to have worked as she has now left for Zanzibar.

Over the weekend, Amira seemed considerably hurt after Amber’s video was shared across socials. She took to her Instagram and asked her fans how they deal with stress when things are not going the way they want. 

Her fans, however, sympathized with her and shared tips for dealing with disappointments and heartbreak.

Although it is not yet clear why Amira has flown to Zanzibar we can only speculate that she is possibly looking to blow off some steam and relieve the stress that Jamal and Amber have been giving her.

It’s worth noting that while Sunday was father’s day, Amira did not wish her husband and father of two children as many celebrities have done possibly meaning that things aren’t okay between the two. Jamal also chose to spend the day with Amber instead of spending it with Amira and their two kids. Many have called out Amber Ray for having spent Father’s Day with Jamal and knowingly taking him away from his two kids with Amira.

Amber and Amira have been at loggerheads ever since it emerged that Jamal had married Amber before consulting Amira as it is the culture in the Muslim religion. According to Amira who has since spoken in a radio interview, she found out about Amber being married to Jamal over social media with the rest of netizens.

Amira has on many occasions said that Amber will forever be her greatest enemy for having come between her and Jamal.

Will the two ever see eye to eye? We doubt it, but we can't foretell how the future will unfold, but we're here for all the drama and tea!
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