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By  | Mar 23, 2023, 12:09 PM  | Drama

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The self-proclaimed president of the single mothers Akothee has today taken her time to give some advice to ladies in regard to having children.

In a long post on her Instagram page, the mother of five has advised ladies to not just have children with every man they come across as some are outright irresponsible.

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"Don't fall into a trap of having a child with every man you come across, it's a way of them pinning you down, it's a form of ownership.
When a man asks you for a child, it doesn't really mean he loves you.
1. He wants unprotected sex
2. He wants you to feel like he is really into you
3. He wants to own and control you in his camp, you be one of his buttons
4. He wants to tone you down and have you under his armpits, the moment you get pregnant his interest in you disappears because he doesn't have to chase you anymore, it's the vise vasa."
According to Akothee the only man worth having a child for is the one who has first asked for your hand in marriage in a formal way.

"Take care of yourself girl. If he can't start by asking your hand in marriage ,
Mtoto ansiliza ya nini ?"

Recently the singer opened up about her struggles with fame and overwhelming parental responsibilities that resulted in extreme mood swings, feelings of isolation, sleep depravity, panic attacks. She also admits that she resulted to begging her doctor to overdose her with sleeping drugs just to feel numb from the pain and anguish.

This is not the first time that Akothee has been this vulnerable with her fans when it comes to her personal life. She has often shared her romantic struggles, but never her mental wellbeing. She has always cut a fearless and strong image as a single parent to five children- even referring to herself as the 'President of Single Mothers'.

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Here's the entire post that Akothee made in reference to her old mental struggles:

"Battled it and came out alive. I was battling a monster in my head. Something was messing up with my brain, I was struggling inside a body fighting to live and a mind ready to switch off.

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I was overwhelmed with outbursts and unc[on]trolled emotions. I was struggling with being me without offending anyone, I was struggling to accept what fame throws at me. I was accepting that at some point I will have to let quite A lot go. I was struggling with letting some people out of my life without hurting them & love them from afar, oooh yes I was struggling with accepting that most of the t Iime will have to parent virtually and all the huge mansions left for me the dogs, and the birds.

I was struggling with not feeling bad when I meet fans who are excited to see me and I was not in the mood of seeing anyone excited, at some point it felt like naggings, phone calls were irritable and I saw most of the people coming for me and not to me. Ohh yes, I was struggling for my space.

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I almost lost it, I felt suffocated with A lot 🙏 At some point I could not breathe at night just from the blues, I would ask my partner to open the windows, and I was suffocating. From one night to the other, I woke up with my left side numb, the numbness spread from my neck to my leg. I woke up with one side completely feeling dead. I panicked and from one day to the next, I lost energy in my left arm, not able to lift anything.

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