Reggie Rockstone Calls Out Shatta Wale After Diss

Reggie just schooled Shatta on the history of rap music...

By  | May 26, 2020, 04:10 PM

Shatta Wale had a lot to say this week after his industry colleague Sarkodie dropped his diss track Sub Zero...

Whilst he questioned the timing of Sark's beef, he also claimed that rap music has "no future in Ghana".

On his hit list was rap pioneer Reggie Rockstone whom he blamed for bringing the genre of music into Ghana.

In an interview on TV3 he said; "I blame Reggie Rockstone for even bringing rap to Ghana because he himself has not made an impact with rap.

Little did he know that Reggie was watching and had something to say to Shatta's disrespectful comment

Taking to his Instagram, Reggie released a lengthy clip dedicated to the dancehall star.

But instead of firing shots in Shatta's direction, Reggie schooled the young star on how impactful rap music really was.

Reggie spoke at great lengths at how 'hiplife' was more relevant to Ghanaians and that dancehall - Shatta's genre - was not indigenous to the country.

He also spoke about how rap music created jobs and how it it have gave him everything he has.

Reggie said; "When you say that rap did not make a impact, we could talk there.

"Another thing you have to remember is that dancehall is not too far from's always been walking side-by-side with hiplife.

Then Reggie got personal

"Let's rewind. You started off as a rapper! And that was your whole transition.

"I was picking up KORA awards when motherf****** never even held a mic", he added.

He also boasted about working with the best in dancehall too, including Beanie Man and Wyclef Jean.

"That's a huge impact from rap", he added.

Reggie also paid homage to the biggest artist in Ghania- Sarkodie.

"He's one of the biggest in here, so that's an impact. We didn't go to BET was through rap", he concluded.

Watch Reggie's full address here;

Instagram embed

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Image credit: Instagram @reggierckstone711