Sarkodie Calls Shatta Wale An 'Emotional' Singer

Here we go again

By  | May 29, 2020, 05:57 AM

It is no secret that Ghana's biggest male musicians, Shatta Wale and Sarkodie do not see eye to eye. Their rivalry goes back to 2018 when Shatta threw the first punch.

Nothing Sarkodie does seems to sit well with the Already hitmaker.

Sarkodie has been trending for going head to head with his long time rival, rapper Asem. The two have been going back and forth and Sarkodie finally decided to shut him up for good with a savage clap back in the form of a diss track called Sub Zero.

When Shatta was asked about the track, he said he was disappointed with Sarkodie who is focused on dissing other rappers when we have bigger things to worry about such as the fact that people are dying due to the Coronavirus.

He went on to say that it is because artists like Sarkodie are not making money that's why they are looking for attention. He advised Sarkodie to focus on donating to and helping the needy during the outbreak and diss people after the virus has been eradicated.

Sarkodie soon caught wind of the video clip and gave Shatta a massive clapback and called him an emotional singer.

As usual tweeps love beef and they have since parked in Shatta and Sarkodie's mentions waiting for Shatta Wale's comeback.

Just last week Sarkodie hosted his first #BehindDaHits challenge with top producers Appietus and Jay Q and Shatta Wale had something to say about that too.

Shatta Wale said the beats battle was a waste of time. here is what he had to say: “Well I am excited about this but you know Shatta is the type that will just barge in and ask them is there business in this if there is no business in this I don’t think people should be excited about this…it’s fun, it’s entertainment but then there should be something going on around it…because these things it kills careers so we have to be very careful,”

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