[VIDEO] Pappy Kojo Reacts To The Lockdown Extension

Stay strong!

By  | May 26, 2020, 05:25 PM

No one is sadder about the lockdown and travel ban imposed by Akufo-Addo than Pappy Kojo. The artist has been stuck in Italy as a result of it after the Coronavirus made its way into Ghana. 

He repeatedly called on the government to assist him in coming back but the government was not having it.

Tourism, Art & Culture Minister Barbara Oteng Gyasi had this to say: "Currently, travelling is out of the question. We’re not encouraging people to come to Ghana...Ghanaians can return home but if you’re in a country which is locked down and you don’t have flight coming in, then how do you travel? He wants to be jetted back to Ghana? How is that possible? We cannot arrange a jet to bring an individual back.”

So he was resolved to stick it out until the lockdown ended so he could come home.

Well, that was the plan until the president extended the lockdown period by one more week.

After hearing this the rapper made this Tik Tok in response.

We are not laughing, you are!

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Stay strong bro,

Main Image Credit: ghpage.com