Sark-Shatta Beef: Queen Afia, Efia, Archipalago Have Joined The Chat!

Whose side are you on?

By  | May 26, 2020, 05:01 AM

Social media has been up in arms since Sarkodie dropped his diss track Sub Zero amed at rapper ASEM.

Another rival of his, Shatta Wale shaded him and said he was disappointed that Sarkodie was wasting time dissing other musicians when people are dying of Covid-19.

Sarkodie caught wind of this and sent him a savage clapback and called him an emotional singer.

Shatta Wale then shot a video claiming that people need to stop Sarkodie before, he beat him up for his disrespect. He went on to say that the next time he sees Sarkodie it's going down and he doesn't mind going to jail because of it.

Well, industry peers are letting us know where their loyalties lie.

In a short IG clip Queen Afia claims Shatta Wale is going to beat Sarkodie. She said she doesn't want to know who started it all she knows is that Shatta Wale is her twin hence he will come out victorious. Her parting shot? 'Junior one, beat all of them'!

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Efia Odo a friend of Shatta Wale tweeted this after the diss record was released and tweeps felt like she was talking about Sarkodie. She has gone on to say it has nothing to do with the beef but, who knows.

By far the most passionate in this matter is Archipalago. He is ready to meet Shatta anywhere and beat him up like his son for insulting Sarkodie. He says the people around Shatta Wale are lying to him and giving him a big ego but he will finish it after the beating the dance hall chanter is going to receive from him. He says the only reason why Shatta goes after Sarkodie every time is because he is jealous and envious of Sarkodie.

Whoa, things are getting interesting. Please excuse us while we go get popcorn and wait for developments!

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