Sheila Gashumba Explains Why She Is A one-Minute Girl

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Your dirty mind might have clicked on this article thinking of something to do with tangling in the sheets and being slippery when wet is going down.

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Well, it could be, or could not be, just stick with me. city socialite Sheila Gashumba is probably one of those girls that can only go for one minute.

Anything beyond that is meaningless, I wonder how many men can handle that attitude because many would not agree with that philosophy especially when things are about the business. You know what I mean!

You might be wondering what I am talking about, don’t want to keep you waiting anymore.

So, Sheila took to her Twitter and said that she hates WhatsApp voice notes and WhatsApp calls because they waste her time.

She added that she only takes direct calls and they must last for only one minute not more not less.

“I hate voice notes and WhatsApp calls, direct call shouldn’t be more than one minute,” said Sheila.

The reason she says she can't speak on phone for long is that she too busy making money.

The socialite seems to have a lot on her desk considering she had just signed a deal with a chicken company-Kuku where she has to shot more than ten episodes every week.

“I just filmed ten shows and two to go, I don’t want to complain about working all day because I should be thanking God for this working opportunity that gets me paid, thank you, God,” she said,

We hope you now know how long Sheila can go for, and please don’t do voice notes and WhatsApp voice calls.

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