Mirundi Junior's Weakness In The Skirts

He Wants More

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Tamale Mirundi Junior for the past month was in the news for getting cozy with sugar mummy Don Zella.

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The two had tongues wagging left, right, center but never cared about what people said about them, they simply kept the candle burning.

So, after Don Zella left for Joe Biden’s land, the 23-year-old Mirundi expressed his pleasure towards the cougar noting that his marriage to Don is amazing and going so well so far.

He added that he didn’t mind being married by an older woman, “I do the cleaning and cooking so well and I am very happy,” he said.

Asked what could be his next plan now that his husband, Don Zella has left the country, he said he is now in charge of running Don’s estate

“ I am now in charge of the estate here, she has other things to in In America so I will do what is here for her.”

Despite being married to Don, It looks like the young man is missing the company of some young juicy women as he expressed his disappointment in older men who keep pursuing young women.

“Let Lwasa live the young girls alone, else, we the young men shall also take over their older men, that is why I have taken over Don,” he noted.

We don’t know how many pots he wants to eat from, but we can ably tell you that this young wants to double deal.

It is known that the Tamale's have a penchant for the brown thigh and it is their greatest weakness, so don't be surprised.


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