Andrew Mwenda Finally Responds To Claims He Allegedly Assaulted Sheebah

The plot thickens

By  | May 13, 2022, 12:54 PM  | Sheebah  | Drama

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Barely a few days after songstress Sheebah Karungi set the internet ablaze with the revelation of her sexual harrassment incident, recent events are now proving that the drama is far from over as the plot thickens even further. 

As you can recall, after Sheebah had taken to her social media to narrate the events that led to her alleged sexual abuse, a havoc rose online among UOT who immediately assumed that the perpetrator Sheebah was describing on her video was none other than well renowned journalist, Andrew Mwenda. 

For a while, both Andrew and Sheebah were trending online with many people putting the journalist on blast saying that it was shameful of him to do such a malicious thing. 

But just in case you do not know why Andrew was deemed the prime suspect in the first place, if you go back to Sheebah’s video, the Kunyenyenza hitmaker had described the perpetrator as being someone Ugandans are used to seeing on their screens adding that he was a role model to many.

Since then, there has been a hot debate as to whether or not Andrew Mwenda was capable of doing such a vile thing and finally, it looks like the truth is finally coming to the light. 

This whole time, the journalist had kept mum and we can only imagine it is because he was waiting for the investigations to be concluded. 

Well, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, after thoroughly interrogating Andrew Mwenda, shared that the journalist has revealed that he (Andrew), did in no way shape or form assault Sheebah, which can only mean that netizens were wrong to accuse him after all. 

But that is not all, moments later after Gen. Muhoozi’s tweet, Andrew Mwenda has also come forth to plead his case reiterating that he did not rape Sheebah as netizens have been led to believe, maintaining that Sheebah should stop being disingenous about the whole situation and instead reveal who the real perpetrator is. 

This whole time, while the internet has been busy lynching Andrew Mwenda for a crime he claims he did not commit, Sheebah has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors of the journalist being the prime suspect. Which of course did not work so well in his favor right?

Now, the journalist has taken to his Twitter to demand that Sheebah expose who the real perpetrator is so that they can face the law and justice be served. 

According to Andrew, if Sheebah was indeed raped or violated as she claims, it is her duty to come clean with the criminal’s identity instead of staying quiet. 

Loyal Sheebaholics are now speaking on her behalf saying that the journalist should stop making it about Sheebah and instead deal with those who accused him of the crime. Their queen does not need to explain herself to anyone.

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