Gravity Omutujju Attacks Rapper Navio

Retire already

By  | Jul 10, 2020, 05:46 AM  | Navio  | Drama

The battle of words between local rapper Gereson Wabuyu a.k.a Gravity Omutujju versus Daniel Kigozi alias Navio and GNL Zamba seems to be far from over.

The update follows Gravity’s recent attack against Navio where he noted how R.Klly forced Navio to sing rather than rap on the One8 Hands Across The World project because his rapping skills were not up to standard to make the cut on an international track.

The Trouble Entertainment boss threw more shade at Navio describing him as a “broiler” and how he shed tears when Nigerian Superstar Wizkid ditched him off a music project while in Rwanda.

Gravity further dragged Navio when by unapologetically questioned him if he first wants to get grey hair to quit the industry and stop being a wannabe rapper.

‘’Hello, madam broiler if u had four legs u would be a Friesian (hahahahahahah.. oli ku kaana ka mbatta) self-made owalampa??? Sooka onoonnye hit in Uganda then try me cos I made more than twenty.

''And am busy on da next, oba Olinda kumela nvi olyoke ove mu bwa wanna be??? Olaba ne Wizkid yakujja mu luyimba..did dis world ever get to know dat??? The tears you cried in Rwanda…banange if Rwanda was vegas I would not say this but…Rwanda ain’t vegas (30,000) dollars.You could not even win a fellow wannabe (Atlas) many disappointments in your career..R. Kelly made you sing coz u cant wrap yo self…I win cos am ORIGINAL n young …temunsobola nebwofuna akuyamba nebwemwegata ne Muno madam Zamba (big pig)’’

 Photo Credit: Blizz