Chameleone Finally Speaks Out On Assault Accusations

Baur is a drunkard

By  | Jul 13, 2020, 07:56 AM  | Jose Chameleone  | Drama

After being banned from Sabula records for assaulting and disrespecting artists, Jose Chameleone has really disappointed his fans and ruined his reputation given the fact that he has intentions to run for a political office come 2021.

As though things could not get any worse, almost 2 days ago, he was also slapped with bribery charges after bringing into the country un-customed goods that he did not pay for including a brand new car that has since been held by Customs. The singer has also been summoned by the anti-corruption court to answer to the charges.

In an effort to diffuse the assaulting accusation, the Leone Island CEO has come out to clear the air on the video making rounds on social media in which producer Diggy Baur accuses him of attacking and beating up his brother at his studio in Luwaffu.

Through a video that has gone viral on social media, the 2021 Kampala Lord mayor hopeful responded to the allegations explaining that the claims Diggy Baur raised were made while he was drunk.
‘’What has so far bothered me the most is seeing people jump on producer Diggy Baur’s accusations about me. First, they should examine or read the condition under which he was speaking from. He was impaired and totally drunk.That forced Ugandans to rush on to his accusations because they’re full of envy and hatred. My friends, please never put hatred in these issues. Always judge someone fairly.

I can’t deny that my history has is full of fights here and there but that is now in the past and that’s why I don’t want to talk about that issue so much.’’
The Baliwa singer gave his side of the story concerning the fight following a series of video clips that Diggy Baur recorded vowing to teach Chameleone a lesson  if he ever dares to set his feet in his studio again.

Photo Credit: YouTube