A-pass Calls On Ugandans To Pray For Brian White

His health is concerning

By  | Jul 10, 2020, 05:46 AM  | Apass  | Drama

We have closely been following the updates on Bryan White’s health and the latest news reaching us indicates that it just keeps deteriorating by the day.

The socialite who had been battling with a health issue that has not been disclosed to the public but only described as stomach complications spent a fair share of last month at Nakasero hospital but was later discharged early this week. Most of us thought that being discharged, meant he was improving but the opposite is true.

His blood samples that were sent to South Africa for further investigation have not yet yielded results that we know of, and close friends and families intimate that he is not doing well at all and needs our prayers.

After paying a visit to Bryan White’s home and interacting with the ailing moneybag, singer A Pass has asked his followers to say a prayer each for the Bryan White Foundation CEO.

The socialite and philanthropist, whose blood samples were recently flown to South Africa for further testing, was asked to wait for his medical results from his home.

Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass found his way to Bryan White’s home to check on his situation and the singer was gutted by the health condition he found Bryan in.

Laid down in his living room with an oxygen cylinder right by his side, Bryan White doesn’t look any good in the photos shared by A Pass. 

‘’I have never seen a brother in so much pain, guys. Please put my brother Bryan White in your prayers because he is fighting for his life every minute. And even if you want to judge him, do that later.''

''I was humbled to be allowed to pay him a visit at his home but he is in bad shape but strong at heart and I pray he stays that way and gets well. #PrayForBryanWhite’’

Photo Credit: A-Pass Instagram