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Started from the bottom now he's here

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Being the richest person in the room is a huge flex. Just knowing that all eyes are on you and people are secretly discussing your clothes and your car must be nice, but being the richest musician in Uganda as well as the whole of East Africa? We can’t even start to imagine what it must feel like.

Bobi Wine understands how that feels like given that he is both those things, Forbes recognizes him as the wealthiest musician in Uganda and East Africa. Today we will look at his profile and discover how a boy from one of the biggest slums in Uganda grew up to become the richest musician in Uganda.

Early Life

Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a Bobi Wine, was born on 12 February 1982 in Nkozi to Jackson Willington Ssentamu Margaret Nalunkuuma. 

He was raised in Kamwokya Slum together with his ten siblings. His father was a polygamous man and had two other wives besides Bobi’s mother and 35 children.


Bobi Wine went to different schools, but he completed his secondary school education in Kololo Senior Secondary where he received his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education. 

He later joined Makerere University to study for a degree in Social Sciences but dropped out due to a lack of school fees. Luckily for him, he got a government scholarship and graduated in 2003 with a music, dance, and drama diploma.

In 2016, he enrolled at the International University of East Africa to study law. 

Music career

Bobi Wine is a prominent musician, actor, businessman, politician, and philanthropist, and he is good at all of them. But before his career in the limelight, Bobi started as a hawker and casual labourer in the slums.
It appears that from a young age, Bobi loved making money. He sold tapes and records, made bricks and other odd jobs to sustain himself, and have something extra in his pockets.

Shortly after getting his diploma in 2003, Bobi Wine started making music. His first hits were “Akagoma,’’  “Funtula,” and “Sunda,” which were well received. Not only did his entry into the music industry bring him instant fame, but it also marked the beginning of his journey to wealth.

Political Career

In 2017, Bobi Wine joined the political arena when he contested for Kyaddondo East Constituency parliamentary seat during a by-election he won by a landslide.
During his term as an mp, Bobi Wine was very vocal in challenging oppressive laws like the social media tax; this helped him to gain popularity among the public majority. 

In 2019, he announced his presidential ambitions in the upcoming general elections, and in 2021 he vied against the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni but lost.

Marriage and  Family

Bobi Wine married the love of his life- Barbie Kyagulanyi, in 2011 after dating for ten years, and the couple is blessed with four beautiful children.
The two met in 2000 at a play where they were cast as president and first lady, very befitting, don’t you agree?

Net Worth

Bobi Wine has amassed a lot of wealth in his successful ventures in the entertainment industry, politics, and business ventures. 

He owns giant mansions, two boats, a fleet of sleek cars, taxis and motorcycles, a recording label, large tracts of land, and even a private beach at Busalaba, among other prime properties.
His total net worth is estimated at 7 million dollars, equivalent to roughly UGX 24.6 billion, making him the richest musician in Uganda and East Africa, and one of the top 20 richest musicians in Africa.

One thing that stands about him is that unlike the other rich people in Uganda who either inherited their wealth or used underhand means to acquire it, Bobi Wine’s wealth is believed to have been acquired legally.


Bobi Wine has received many awards and recognition for his work throughout his career in music and politics. 
Some of his prestigious awards include ‘Artist of the Year Award’ in 2006, ‘DEAR Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2019, and ‘African Freedom Prize’ by Friedrich Naumann Foundation in 2020, just to name a few.

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